Cure for Heartburn – Permanent and Drug-Free

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For many heartburn sufferers a cure for heartburn is just a dream. But, if you are a sufferer, then you are about to learn  that not only is a permanent  cure for heartburn a possibility, but, for thousands of people, it has become a reality. They are now living lives completely free from the distress that heartburn causes.


Heartburn Treatment – the problem with heartburn medication

We firstly need to understand why conventional heartburn medication will never cure your problem.

All conventional treatment for heartburn and the acid reflux that causes it, works in the same way. The pills that you take control the amount of acid that your stomach produces usually reducing it. Now this may seem logical given that it is acid that causes all the pain and distress but there is a fundamental flaw in this type of treatment.

What this type of treatment does is to treat the symptoms of heartburn but does nothing to deal with the underlying causes of the problem. This is why conventional treatment will only ever produce temporary heartburn relief at best.

What Causes Heartburn

For most people it is not the quantity of acid produced that is the cause of heartburn. In most cases acid reflux occurs because there is a flaw or a weakness in the muscular valve mechanism that is located between your stomach and gullet (esophagus).

heartburn 6 This valve, known as the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES), opens to allow food to enter the stomach and then closes tightly to seal the stomach and prevent its acid contents seeping back into the gullet. If there is a weakness then acid does seep back into the gullet and it is this that causes all the pain and distress of heartburn.

If you are to get long term heartburn relief then you must repair this weakness and prevent it happening again. You cannot achieve this with drug based heartburn medication that simply controls acid levels.

So it is not the amount of acid that is the main causes of heartburn. In fact, there are numerous causes of acid reflux and these can be psychological and environmental as well as physical. So, heartburn is rather a complex condition and this is why a one dimensional treatment that simply involves controlling acid production is never going to cure it.

But if conventional medication will not solve your problem, how can you get that heartburn cure that is both permanent and drug free?


Natural Remedies For Heartburn

If you have an open mind to natural remedies and treatment then you are on you way.

Natural remedies for heartburn act in a totally different way to conventional remedies and the maindifference is that they work by treating the underlying factors that are causing your acid reflux to occur.

In the first place you need to establish exactly what factors are actually causing the problem. Then, having identified what those factors are, you undertake a course of treatment specifically aimed at those factors.

What makes this form of treatment so effective is that you actually stimulate your body’s powerful defences, your immune system into action to combat them, eliminate them and produce the cure. Heartburn is one of those conditions that responds very well to this type of treatment.


Cure for Heartburn – Permanent and Drug Free

So, to get that long term relief from heartburn you need to undertake a program of treatment that works in three stages

  • Identify the factors that are causing the acid reflux
  • Target those factors and combat them with a course of treatment that combines (a) strategic changes to diet and lifestyle with the (b) most appropriate form of natural supplement or medication.
  • Eliminate those factors

It is perfectly logical that if you eliminate all the factors causing the problem you will have cured your heartburn and that is exactly what you will do.

This may seem rather simple and the truth is …..  it is.  However, if you are going to cure your heartburn then you will need to find the right advice and guidance that will lead you through the whole process.


Fortunately that guidance is available online. However, there are many so-called heartburn remedies that claim to be cures for heartburn, that only bring short term relief. So, do your research and choose carefully so that you do not waste your money.

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Cure For Heartburn – Permanent and Drug Free